Inbox: That is the elegance of sports –

Inbox: That is the elegance of sports –

Monday, Feb 04, 2019 08:39 AM

Mark from Carmel, IN

4:forty three EST. My prediction: Rams 34, Patriots 28.

It’s a shame Spoff isn’t right here to stare this. If there modified into ever a commentary that completely encapsulates why it’s better to wait to press post except after the game is over. You weren’t on my own, Mark. Factual morning!

John from Woodbridge, VA

Protection wins championships?

What better option to cap an NFL season wherein offenses reigned supreme than a Tidy Bowl where there bear been nearly as many mixed punts (14) as components (16)? That’s the elegance of sports.

Brandon from Optimistic Prairie, WI

I will no longer earn it anymore. Is the comfort of the NFL that inferior that every and each the several teams are incapable of repeatedly stopping the Patriots? It is so nerve-racking. Sorry for venting.

As a limousine ridin’, jet flyin’, son of a gun as soon as stated, “To be the particular person, you gotta beat the particular person.” The younger Rams had yr, however the Patriots silent escape the bingo in the NFL. As I stated, there bear been three things the Rams essential to end to hang – start rapid (they didn’t), effect the escape (they didn’t) and stress Tom Brady from the internal (OK, but didn’t end sufficient of it). The Patriots are no longer going to beat themselves. You’d moreover fair bear gotten to end it and the Rams appropriate didn’t web it achieved.

Jeff from Hales Corners, WI

With the Patriots successful one other championship Sunday night time, excellent to claim they are the crew of the decade (again)? Breaking down the decades, Packers and Patriots stand out on this special record, if you compromise with it: Patriots (2010s, 2000s), Cowboys (Nineteen Nineties), 49ers (Eighties), Steelers (Seventies), Packers (Sixties), Browns (1950s), Bears (Forties), and Packers (Thirties).

Primarily the most spectacular facet about this two-decade escape for the Patriots is they’ve achieved it in the wage-cap know-how. That ain’t straightforward to end with how teams must repeatedly tear their rosters. Yet, Contemporary England retains discovering the lawful formula to pair with the nucleus of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.

Ambrose from Tuscaloosa, AL


As anyone who drove 27 hours to Vegas ideally suited summer season to see Francis Ngannou and Derrick Lewis stare at each and each different for quarter-hour, I basically didn’t mind the Tidy Bowl that much. I’d earn that over the Seahawks running the Broncos out of the constructing by halftime. Particular, they didn’t rupture any scoring recordsdata Sunday night time, but no no longer as much as there modified into some drama and suspense.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers took home the ‘2nd of the Year’ award at NFL Honors in Atlanta on Saturday.

Ben Liebenberg/2019 National Soccer League

Logan Bowles/2019 Logan Bowles

Perry Knotts/2019 Perry Knotts

Perry Knotts/2019 Perry Knotts

Logan Bowles/2019 Logan Bowles

Logan Bowles/2019 Logan Bowles

Logan Bowles/2019 Logan Bowles

Perry Knotts/2019 Perry Knotts

Perry Knotts/2019 Perry Knotts

Aaron Rodgers all the design through the NFL Honors awards speak, Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019 in Atlanta. (Perry Knotts/NFL)

Perry Knotts/2019 Perry Knotts

Perry Knotts/2019 Perry Knotts

Perry Knotts/2019 Perry Knotts

Peter Barreras

Peter Barreras

Ben Liebenberg/2019 National Soccer League

Ben Liebenberg/2019 National Soccer League

Ben Liebenberg/2019 National Soccer League

Ben Liebenberg/2019 National Soccer League

Ben Liebenberg/2019 National Soccer League

Ben Liebenberg/2019 National Soccer League

Logan Bowles/2019 Logan Bowles

Logan Bowles/2019 Logan Bowles

Logan Bowles/2019 Logan Bowles

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Gretchen from Inexperienced Bay, WI

This sport appropriate took “defense wins championships” to a total new stage.

I tip my cap to Brian Flores and the Patriots’ defense, however the fact is consistency wins championships and no crew has been extra consistent than the Patriots. Contemporary England modified into lights-out on defense, special teams and situational offense. That allowed Brady to end what he does most efficient in the fourth quarter. As pissed off as I’m obvious the total Patriots haters are, it modified into a stunning facet to see.

Steve from Cottage Grove, WI

Any individual who says special teams don’t topic desires to see that Tidy Bowl. Factual teaching and execution on all sides!

The Patriots perennially bear one among the most disciplined special-crew objects in the NFL. Contemporary England has a Corridor of Status quarterback and coach, but lest we omit it also excels in the most left out phase of the game.

Bernie from Jersey City, NJ

How are we going to hang the Tidy Bowl next yr?

By doing the small things lawful. Hail Marys and ideally suited-2nd heroics are fun, but it surely’s a sport of fundamentals. The Packers must web support to that.

Slash from Plainwell, MI

What’s your earn on the Rams’ exercise of Todd Gurley? Enact you think there modified into some hurt hindering him? Your neatly-known particular person RB doesn’t appropriate earn a backseat to the backup who modified into signed in December in the Tidy Bowl.

Something clearly modified into off with Gurley no topic what the Rams bear been saying heading into the game. If he’s wholesome, Gurley is touching the ball bigger than the eleven times he did against Contemporary England.

John from Los Angeles, CA

The NFL ought to be bummed about that sport. Had been the defenses that ideally suited or the offenses that off?


Curt from York, PA

I believed Sean McVay modified into the most neatly-liked offensive guru in the league, but appropriate three components for the Rams and these on a 50-plus yard FG? What came about?

He silent is, however the Patriots checked the total boxes for shutting down LA’s excessive-octane offense – quit the escape, don’t chunk on the play-circulate and compose Jared Goff unhappy. A pair of teams, including the Packers, achieved these items in spurts, but supreme Chicago and Contemporary England did it for a chunky 60 minutes.

Paul from West Allis, WI

I am no longer obvious if I ought to be extra dissatisfied for the Saints or for the Rams. However that exhibiting in the Tidy Bowl gives me extra predicament for an offense modeled after the Rams and a younger coach. Can the Packers learn from this?

It modified into a inferior night time. Whereas it’s unlikely the Rams would establish up 40 components against that defensive sport thought if the 2 teams ran it support tonight, I’m no longer obvious LA would supreme rating three components again, either. The Packers can learn from this and the Rams can learn from this.

Rubén from Santander, Spain

So as that modified into the pinnacle to the “offensive storm” season: lowest mixed scoring in a Tidy Bowl. Did you stare that one coming? Had been the signs there, particularly so for the Rams?

No longer after ideally suited yr’s Tidy Bowl. LA had a inferior time out at Soldier Field, but I appropriate chalked that as much as the frigid affecting a West Wing crew. I believed the Rams’ toughest postseason assignment might well possibly be beating the Saints in the Superdome, but I modified into unsuitable. With how effectively Contemporary England’s fans traveled, that modified into nearly like a avenue sport for LA.

Simon from Santa Clara, CA

This counts as a blowout for the Patriots lawful? This modified into their finest Tidy Bowl victory, and they never trailed.

Wow. I never thought of it that design. How on earth are Brady and Belichick silent standing? My coronary heart would bear gave out already after competing in eight one-rating Tidy Bowls.

David from Houston, TX

What’s the one attribute you might well possibly earn from Starr, Favre and Rodgers to assemble the most attention-grabbing Packers quarterback?

Rodgers’ skill/option-making, Favre’s durability/moxie and Starr’s leadership. All three bear been proficient in these categories, but each and each personally might well possibly need been the most efficient the game’s ever seen in the categorical areas I highlighted.

Hope from Pecatonica, IL

Waking up this day to read, see and stare Brett Favre speak Aaron Rodgers with the “2nd of the Year” award is the most efficient my Tidy Bowl Sunday will web this yr. Congrats Aaron! Silent having a survey lovable Brett!

And a effectively-deserved honor. Aaron Rodgers modified into at his absolute most efficient after returning in the 2nd half of of the opener against Chicago. Randall Cobb talked about to reporters on the red carpet his Seventy five-yard landing in that sport modified into the favourite scheme stop of his profession. It’s appropriate too inferior it wasn’t the starting of one thing special for the Packers’ season.

Gary from Davenport, IA

“And as ‘Favrey’ is aware of, there’s nothing like beating the Bears.” That modified into a classic.

That bought a laugh out of me.

Jesse from Muscoda, WI

I bear a finest non-Packers custom for you. At some level of Iowa Hawkeye football home games, every person turns and waves at the children at Childhood’s Clinical institution that overlooks the stadium. What option to compose the children at the clinical institution feel special. As for a demand, which present Packer player no fans are talking about is poised for a breakout season in 2019?

Dean Lowry.

Ben from Pensacola, FL

I are privy to it be going to be an extraordinarily very long time for this to web addressed, but end you think they provide Trevor Davis one other shot? With the new kickoff tips, I desired to stare what he might well possibly end with returns. Alas, hurt postpones, possibly even ends, possible.

The Packers sorely overlooked Davis on returns in 2018. I don’t know what Brian Gutekunst and Matt LaFleur thought on doing with special teams, but Davis is below contract for one other yr. I’d be inclined to train him support with the hope Davis has establish his hamstring woes in the support of him.

Lori from Brookfield, WI

Wes, end you think Julius Peppers’ skill wretchedness would transition effectively to teaching?

I suspect so, but a piece of me also wonders if Peppers would moderately work in the support of the scenes with different charitable efforts support home in North Carolina. He appears to bear a keenness for neighborhood outreach.

Kory from Minneapolis, MN

Quite a lot of the new teaching workers appears moderately unknown. Is that this a made of a younger head coach?

I suspect it’s extra a made of EA Sports activities’ ‘NFL Head Coach’ video games never basically catching on.

Tom from Two Rivers, WI

Ty Regulation is a Corridor of Famer prior to LeRoy Butler? That’s ridiculous. What in the hell is occurring out there?

Cornerbacks repeatedly web extra admire than safeties in the eyes of the voters. It’s been that design for the reason that starting of time. How else end you speak a 4-time All-Pro safety from the All-90s crew being unable to crack the pinnacle 15 and a two-time All-Pro cornerback from the All-2000s going in?

Bill from Raleigh, NC

So, fantastic defense, running the ball effectively, and defending your quarterback wins Tidy Bowls. It is not the new NFL. It is ancient past repeating itself.

You stated it, man. Staying on the reducing edge of offensive innovation is extreme to successful titles, but skills in the huge sport counts for one thing, too. That’s how the old ball coach and his Corridor of Status-sure QB bought the job achieved over the younger tandem of McVay and Goff.

Jeff from Elk Mound, WI

No longer obvious who stated Edelman wasn’t a Corridor of Status style player, but…

That modified into me. Julian Edelman is no longer a Pro Soccer Corridor of Famer.

Stefan from Kiel, Germany

You’d disagree, but Edelman goes to the Corridor of Status if take hang of efficiency formulation one thing else. I mean, I despise the Patriots as much as any individual, but that guy appears to be unstoppable in the postseason, that is value Corridor of Status even with no single yard in the weird and wonderful season.

I’m no longer attempting to be refined about this, however the predicament I bear with the argument is Edelman performs one among the most refined positions to web into Canton. And oh, by the vogue, he’s playing that self-discipline in an know-how wherein his mates are placing up insane numbers. I web the postseason is the money season, but Edelman has yet to be even voted to a Pro Bowl. Adam Vinatieri is a Corridor of Famer due in piece to his postseason heroics, but he appropriate so occurs to even be the supreme scoring player in NFL ancient past.

Max from Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

Did you think that the Contemporary England punter deserved some extreme consideration for Tidy Bowl MVP?

Don’t web me unsuitable. My emotions about Edelman’s HOF probabilities aside, he with no doubt modified into the rightful Tidy Bowl MVP. He made several take hang of catches and modified into the most consistent performer from the hole kickoff to ideally suited whistle.

John from Denver, CO

What a punt-fest. Who will get the Ray Man award for this one?

Johnny Hekker. It’s no longer every day a fella objects a Tidy Bowl document for longest punt after the ball rolls 27 yards. Field self-discipline tips the football world.

Jesse from Akaska, SD

Clay needed to be pulling his hair out staring at the hits that bear been doled out to both quarterbacks with no flags. The zebras did job being inconsequential.

A small. I felt there might well moreover fair silent bear been a flag for a late hit on Jared Goff by the sideline. The calls on John Sullivan and Nickell Robey-Coleman even bear been head-scratchers for me.

Gary from Bellevue, WI

We repeatedly hear the title of quality withhold watch over assistants. Diversified coaches’ roles are moderately straightforward to attain, are you able to speak the not recent tasks of the offensive and defensive QC positions?

The most reasonable possible option to speak it’s they’re like graduate assistant positions at the college stage. It’s an entry stage job, which formulation these coaches are doing a range of mumble work in the preparation course of and helping self-discipline coaches in be aware.

Ralph from Mönchengladbach, Deutschland

Wes, what about an Insiders Outbox again, now that you are on my own to mind the shop? Would no longer it compose your life more uncomplicated for sooner or later next week?

It modified into a dapper thought I’m glad we revisited, but it surely’s staying in the summertime. We’re having a survey at two days in early July.

Images of Lambeau Field from 2019

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Brett from Marietta, GA

Wes, modified into it you or Evan who came up with the foundation of forty five same pictures of Lambeau for the Groundhog Day stadium pictures? Huzzah to whoever it modified into. It made me laugh., repeatedly defending ya on your toes.

Rachel from Emerald, WI

What end you recede out most all the design through the offseason?

Placing out with my co-workers on avenue journeys. There aren’t many off days all the design through the season, so you learn to admire these dinners and conversations. Once July rolls round, I stare my colleagues bigger than family for the comfort of the yr.

Sonia from Fairbanks, AK

I will scent the several crew’s effort. Thanks Wes. This modified into my first Pet Bowl. Pregame modified into the most efficient.

I modified into jubilant to stare Bumble hang MVP. A effectively-deserving pup who is aware of a facet or two about overcoming adversity.

Dave from Comer, GA

Wes, I, too adopted a canines. His title is Nitschke. What breed of canines end you might well possibly possibly moreover fair bear, and what’s its title?

Kevin. He’s a Gargantuan Dane/Border Collie combine. He’s canines, but very, very execrable.

Xander from Dallas, TX

Enact you think the Rams hang in the event that they played their starters in the preseason?

You’d moreover fair bear gotten no thought how much I necessary this commentary, Xander. I’d impart we’re off to start to our Spoff-much less week.

Paul from Overland Park, KS

Now that the Tidy Bowl is sooner or later over, Inexperienced Bay is on the clock. It’s the yr of the Pack. Ride the dash, IIers and Packerdom. GO PACK GO!

Incredibly, the combine is supreme three weeks away. A brand new season is lawful around the nook.