Accused Jayme Closs kidnapper writes letter from jail to reporter – WEAU

Accused Jayme Closs kidnapper writes letter from jail to reporter – WEAU

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POLK COUNTY, Wis. (KARE eleven) — The letter arrived in a in point of fact easy white envelope and featured cramped handwritten addresses. Two purple stamps regarded on the back and entrance of the envelope to level to this letter changed into as soon as despatched from the Polk County jail. The recipient is KARE eleven reporter, Lou Raguse. The name of the sender is Jake Patterson.

The letter itself is a torn fraction of a sheet of paper. The writing is cramped and disjointed. Abbreviations like IDK are utilized in a conversational, textual mutter material-like tone. The letter appears to be like to be folded like a paper airplane and begins with, “Good day, IDK if I plod to in spite of the complete lot send this.”

Jake Patterson is jailed whereas awaiting trial in Barron County on costs of kidnapping Jayme Closs and murdering her folks. Within the letter, the man accused of kidnapping Jayme Closs says he plans to plead guilty and says he doesn’t desire her family to effort a pair of trial. He writes that he by no plan returned to Barron after the kidnapping, and that he easiest adopted the news of Jayme’s disappearance through news updates on his cellular phone. When requested when he realized he changed into as soon as splendid of doing one thing like this, he answered, “This changed into as soon as totally on impulse. I don’t think like a serial killer.”

(Learn the paunchy transcript of the letter below)

Raguse despatched a letter to Patterson on Jan. 17 with questions in regards to the case which beget been no longer included within the court docket file, questions many in our community main to understand the answers to, including whether or no longer Patterson plans to plead guilty. Patterson didn’t reply to that letter.

Raguse despatched a second letter on Feb. 19 that included additional questions and started by saying, “I’m a reporter for KARE eleven Details in Minneapolis and beget been covering the case since Jayme disappeared. I beget many questions that beget no longer but been answered throughout the court docket filings. Please write back when you would per chance well well.”

The letter got from the jail included answers to every anticipate, with the numbers corresponding with Raguse’s questions.

KARE eleven reached out to Patterson’s attorneys, prosecutors, the Polk County Sheriff, the Barron County Sheriff and the Wisconsin Division of Justice to verify that this letter did in spite of the complete lot come from Patterson

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said letters are easiest given to the inmates they are addressed to after they’ve been opened and browse by jail team. Outgoing correspondence is reviewed forward of it’s mailed.

Fitzgerald said he changed into as soon as aware Patterson had despatched a letter to Raguse. It changed into as soon as postmarked Feb. 28.

Wisconsin Division of Justice communications director Gillian Drummond said, “Inmates beget a factual to send mail, talk that blueprint. I don’t know I would beget a reason to rob it’s miles never (real).”

Patterson’s attorney Charles Glynn said he would possibly well no longer verify or narrate the letter. He said he heard about it however has no longer talked with Patterson straight.

Out of appreciate to the Closs family we notified Jennifer Smith, Jayme’s aunt and guardian. She allow us to understand police already let her know in regards to the letter. The family doesn’t desire to talk on camera about it.

Full letter from Jake Patterson to KARE eleven on kidnapping of Jayme Closs

This transcript entails Raguse’s questions in courageous and Patterson’s responses to every anticipate.


Good day, IDK if I’ll in spite of the complete lot send this. I’ll solution some of your questions, some I will’t(?) [PEN SCRIBBLE REDACTION] I won’t put just a few crucial aspects as a minimum.

Ask 1: Why did you confess in case you were caught, and why did you confess in such detail?

1. I knew after I changed into as soon as caught (which I believed would happen loads sooner) I wouldn’t fight anything else. I tried to present them the complete lot, [PEN SCRIBBLE REDACTION] (wasn’t fully honest) so they didn’t beget to interview Jayme. They did as a minimum and break her more for no reason.

Ask 2: What’s your thought now? Plead guilty or plot close the case all systems to trial?

2. Plead guilty. I desire Jayme and her family to recollect the reality that. Don’t desire them to effort a pair of trial. Used to be in spite of the complete lot going to on the sixth, however in a case like this it’s no longer in spite of the complete lot allowed? So the think moved it to the 27th of March.

Ask Three: What led you to desire to kidnap a girl within the predominant field?

Three. It’s no longer murky and white. [PEN SCRIBBLE REDACTION]

Ask four: Raise out you beget any remorse or regrets for the issues that you just did?

four. Vast amounts. [PEN SCRIBBLE REDACTION] I will’t factor in I did this.

Ask 5: What changed into as soon as your long-time duration thought if Jayme had no longer escaped that day?

5. Won’t remark. [PEN SCRIBBLE REDACTION] It changed into as soon as in spite of the complete lot dumb though looking back.

Ask 6: Did you launch up to someone or plod away any hints that folks failed to grab up on.


Ask 7: Did your loved ones in spite of the complete lot have not any clue? How ceaselessly were relatives in your cabin, and the blueprint in which close did they arrive to discovering Jayme below the mattress?

7. No one knew. My dad easiest came on Saturdays, the identical time each day. So it changed into as soon as a routine. Jayme hides on Sat. [PEN SCRIBBLE REDACTION] My family respects privacy so nobody even went in my room.

Ask eight: Did you ever return to Barron after the crime or insert your self in any of the vigils or anything else being held in Jayme’s honor? Did you ever rep near her family following the shootings/kidnapping?

eight. I stayed a ways from Barron.

Ask 9: How closely did you prepare the news protection, and changed into as soon as Jayme responsive to the news protection and the extent to which folk were procuring for her?

9. I adopted it [PEN SCRIBBLE REDACTION] through my cellular phone. If one thing popped up on TV about it, I would trade the channel. [PEN SCRIBBLE REDACTION] Would recount Jayme “I’m sorry, I will’t leer this.” IDK what she knew.

Ask 10: When in your existence did you understand you were splendid of doing one thing like this? I agreeable watched a 20/20 Special on BTK killer, and he urged a reporter he knew as a teen that he main to manufacture one thing like this in some unspecified time in the future, and he changed into as soon as jealous over consideration other killers like Ted Bundy were receiving. Did you would per chance well additionally very effectively be feeling any of those identical thoughts?

10. The police officers remark I deliberate this thoroughly, and that I said that. They’re in spite of the complete lot factual at twisting your phrases around, put them in assorted spots, straight up lie. Little exasperated about that. Making an strive to quilt up their errors I recount. This changed into as soon as totally on impulse. I don’t think like a serial killer.

Ask eleven: What goes throughout the thoughts of somebody who desires to aid out one thing like this?

eleven. On the time I changed into as soon as in spite of the complete lot pissed. I didn’t “desire” to. [PEN SCRIBBLE REDACTION] The explanation I did here’s annoying.

[PEN SCRIBBLE REDACTION] = self redaction lol

No one will factor in or would possibly well factor in how sorry I’m for hurting Jayme this great. Can’t remark it.

[on the back:]

I’m Sorry Jayme! For the complete lot. I understand it doesn’t indicate great.

Jake Patterson is accused of killing James and Denise Closs on Oct. 15 and kidnapping Jayme from their Barron dwelling. Jayme escaped on Jan. 10.

Patterson’s arraignment is decided for March 27 in Barron County.