“Siberia” fails in effort to nab Antonio Brown – WBEN

“Siberia” fails in effort to nab Antonio Brown – WBEN

The Funds and their fans endure another spherical of humiliation. A minimum of it was as soon as short lived

There was as soon as a day at work about a decade ago when an earthquake hit. I had by no manner felt an earthquake. I would been spherical for one or two others in my life, earthquakes that I finally heard about from someone else. (Did you no doubt feel that?! Feel what? The earthquake! No.) But this one I felt. Sue O’Neill from STAR 102.5 came down the hall and into our studio asking, Earthquake? Yes! There wasn’t any effort to discuss of, on the very least no longer that we had been aware of, so I believed it was as soon as kinda wintry and that was as soon as it. You missed it, properly, your loss.

A pair of of you missed/slept via closing evening’s Antonio Brown earthquake. I was as soon as awake for it. On this one, I’m no longer clear whether or no longer I received or misplaced.

In a single sleep, Brown was as soon as, shockingly, a Buffalo Bill after which, less shockingly, no longer. Beautiful that the culture-satisfied Funds even pursued him, let by myself made the winning repeat. Brown was as soon as coming, NFL Community’s Ian Rapoport tweeted twice. Then, within two hours, there was as soon as hedging, doubts and eventually denials.

I went to sleep at 1:30 a.m., command to settling for the news after morning time. I aroused from sleep to an aftershock. Rapoport, desperately holding onto a lamppost in a typhoon, tweeted that the deal restful would possibly happen. Then, minutes later, ESPN’s Adam Schefter had Brandon Beane quoted: The Funds are out.

VERY, VERY, VERY FEW Funds fans ever took seriously the possibility that the Funds would alternate for the Pittsburgh Steelers massive title. The overwhelming majority had been closed to it. No manner does THIS crew hotfoot after THAT player. Then they did, thrusting us all collectively onto sports’ main stage. Sooner than the champagne got passed spherical the flooring fell out.


I ought to restful no longer contain any doubt that the Funds and Steelers had agreed to a deal. Rapoport carries a range of water for the league and its, as Russ Brandon so relatably build it in his day, member golf equipment, nevertheless he’s no beginner. Rapoport and Schefter wreck quite a bit of the identical experiences within minutes of every other. Rapoport’s Job 1 is no longer to be first. He’s no longer reporting for a brand fresh blog, and it’s far no longer his first day. A minimum of one crew or league offer he trusts absolutely knowledgeable him that the Steelers and Funds had reached agreement. Attributable to this logic and the many journalists corroborating that story, I’m fully assured that there was as soon as a alternate.

And then Brown quashed it.

Why did he end that? Or no longer it’s far no longer hard to imagine attainable causes.

The Funds contain had a subpar passing offense — here is a extremely positive manner to build it — for practically every body of the necessary closing two decades. Relating to a passing game, they are the polar reverse of the Steelers. They ought to restful no longer contain the historic past, or the quarterback, or the coaches, or, properly, good about one thing else.

The Funds’ closing 10-capture season was as soon as two decades ago; the Steelers haven’t had a losing season since 2003. Followers accept via seasons throwing every other via tables at tailgates, whereas the the rest of us turn our heads in embarrassment. Buffalo is reasonably tiny, and, sorry, reasonably wintry.

Why would no longer Antonio Brown need to play for the Funds? An even bigger interrogate is, why would he?

I have to give the Funds credit ranking for attempting. I’ve settled staunch into a area that they don’t think they need prime expertise, that they think camaraderie and (hashtag) exertions will pull them via. They defied these expectations by attempting for Brown. Correct for them.

In a roundabout map even supposing, there is egg on their faces. They do no longer deserve that, and they end.

You hotfoot practically two a few years with out one staunch kind crew, and this would possibly well maybe happen. You do no longer settle on NFL avid gamers to please in this. Query someone under the age of 25 what it felt cherish to scrutinize the Funds accept a Wild Card game two years ago, they are going to uncover you it was as soon as surreal. It didn’t accept sense. Most well liked avid gamers received’t be mindful the Tune Metropolis Miracle, let by myself the Luminous Bowl groups.

If it wants to be acknowledged, Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane don’t endure worthy of this burden. The Drought, most of which they weren’t here for, is no longer their fault, and neither are the penalties. Their job is a tough one. If The Drought had been a dwelling, McDermott and Beane are no longer accountable for that mildew they conceal within the basement after they got the deed, nevertheless they are accountable for the trim-up.

I’m in Philadelphia straight away, visiting with my buddy and longtime radio host on this metropolis, Glen Macnow. I talked about Brown and he introduced up Frank Gore, who a few years ago, in transient, signed with the Eagles after which modified his mind.

Philadelphia shakes that more or less thing off. Buffalo clutches the fright to its chest, and sobs.

If the alternate had passed via, it was as soon as restful going to be a bumpy flight, particular person that already was as soon as within the air when things became. A astronomical preference of references on social media to Buffalo as “Siberia”, infinite jokes about how Brown got worked by the Steelers, or trolled. You bought your wish, they joked. Schadenfreude, with two butt ends — Brown, and Buffalo.

Maybe McDermott, for his part, going ahead can shelve references to Buffalo’s wintry season when talking about his crew and as an alternative play a special tune. Most of their games are played in first payment or downright positive climate, and it would possibly well perhaps maybe be positive if the head coach mirrored that. He’s consistently talking about Buffalo being blue-collar; Buffalo no doubt hasn’t been a blue-collar metropolis for a few years, and by the model McDermott is from Omaha, Nebraska. Why can no longer Buffalo contain positive things, the asserting goes. We end contain positive things. Maybe he would possibly support the image, you admire?

Let’s huddle up. Let’s hope here is a staunch kind tag for the Funds. One which signifies that they weren’t worried of the jokes, and more importantly no longer fearful to add a controversial player of this caliber. As far as we fans and residents hotfoot, we will accept via it. We cherish our lives.